The versatile selection of art gives depth
and breadth to the Diani Beach Art Gallery
and ensures there is art to be found
for every taste and preference...



Established in September 2010, the Diani Beach Art Gallery is the first venture of its kind in the coastal region of Kenya and brings together artists from all over Africa...



The Diani Beach Art Gallery has worked hand in hand with some of the premier developments and properties in the Kenyan Coast.

Artwork in public areas of boutique hotels and resorts, monuments in modern developments; all this in an effort to increase the reach of the artists represented and to promote their unique talents.

Among the establishments include: The Englishpoint Marina, Leopard Beach Resort and Spa, Swahili Beach Hotel, The Maji Beach Boutique Hotel and Lantana Coral Drive.

This presents a great opportunity for guests, clients and patrons of the various establishments to interact with artwork from various artists, including the possibility of property developers and owners to commission both artwork and sculptures for their developments.



In keeping with the vision of the establishment, The Diani Beach Art Gallery seeks to create a platform for all the artists represented to showcase their talent both within the country and abroad.

This has meant that over the years, the gallery has made concerted efforts to follow through on this by being featured in various media outlets. This has created a greater reach in terms of both marketing and promotion for all the art and artists present in the gallery.