Established in September 2010, the Diani Beach Art Gallery is the first venture of its kind in the coastal region of Kenya and brings together artists from all over Africa.

Offering a great variety of contemporary fine African art, the airy and light space invites you to enjoy its relaxed atmosphere while learning more about your favourite artists and contemporary fine African art.

We look forward to welcoming you here!


A space for Artists & Art lovers!

The Diani Beach Art Gallery is located in the Diani Beach Shopping Centre (South Coast, Mombasa), situated in the very heart of one of Kenya’s best known tourist destinations with over 30 tourist resorts within a 10km radius. The Gallery’s triple unit of airy and lofty space lends itself to the exhibition and showcasing of painted art, sculptures and creative objects.

While we’re striving to work with high quality artists from all over Africa to keep the standard and quality of art to top level we also promote up and coming artists. There is no confinement to one medium, indeed we’d like to keep the selection of art as versatile as possible as we are all of the opinion that this will add depth and breadth to the Gallery and will support our vision of interactivity. Our vision is to create a space for artists, art lovers and patrons alike to promote contemporary African art locally and internationally. Interactivity is the key and with regular events and co-operations, art classes, wine & cheese evenings, special promotions and exhibitions, to name but a few, the Gallery will be kept in the forefront of people’s minds while creating a meeting centre for everyone who is interested in or would like to contribute to the promotion of contemporary African art. The three founders and co-owners of the gallery work continually to achieve this vision and by purchasing a piece of genuine contemporary African art you are also helping to support the growth and promotion of the very talented artists from Kenya and all over Africa.

We strive to bring to you one of the best selections of contemporary African art available in the country and continuously work with our artist partners to ensure that the gallery is always well stocked with the latest and most relevant art. We also promote talented young and upcoming creative minds to help make available a platform where their art can be show cast to the public. Please visit the artist page to see our artist’s profiles and work- you will be amazed by the amount of talent across Africa!