Companies spend a significant amount of money on space, furniture, equipment and interior design. Part of this might be artwork to be displayed in your company’s public spaces like receptions and hallways, or in meeting- and board rooms, as artwork can hugely contribute to a comprehensive company environment that will impress your clients. Let us help you select artwork which will suit your company’s style, send the right message to your clients and inspire and motivate your staff!

We maintain a wide portfolio of artists and artworks allowing us to source artworks which reflect your company’s corporate identity, values and diversity as well as taking into account visual impact and investment potential.

If it is a single signature piece you are looking to acquire for your company’s lobby or artworks to start a collection or incorporate into an existing body of works, we will consult with you to understand your requirements in detail before giving our recommendations on artwork selection as well as site-specific curatorial advice.

Should your cooperation be interested in art philanthropy and sponsorship of the Arts in Kenya and Sub-Saharan Africa we would also be happy to work on the right connections for you.

We also offer our services on art acquisition to architects and interior designers for their clients. Please contact us for more information.