Country: Uganda  •   Medium: Oil on canvas


The figurative artist and photographer Ocom Adonias says his father and elder brother introduced him into the world of arts and greatly inspired him. Over time, the education at school greatly influenced him as he learnt about the art and language movement of great artists such as George Kyeyune and Taga Nuwagaba.

Currently painting from Karewu Art Studio, Adonias is working in oils, watercolour and some other medium such as acrylics. His work engages in the realistic presentation of the lives of the common man and his heritage.

The underlying intention is to tell stories about his experiences and the lives of people that he has met. Adonias’ interest in the common man has led to current artistic research about his heritage and to the creation of his latest painting series “Save Karamoja,” a project which is aiming to create a positive image of Karamoja and conserving the heritage.

Ocom has worked as a photographer, too, before he decided to focus on his painting career. He has participated in various exhibitions, mainly in Uganda and in Kenya.  His work has also graced the cover of Uganda’s Arts Diary 2015.

Adonias was born in Kireka in 1989 and in 2013 he graduated from Margaret Trowell School of Industrial and Fine Arts at Makerere University.

When asked about his artistic base, Ocom says, “My work is a journey of exploration in which other travelers are essential. It’s an art of healing.”