Country: Kenya   •   Medium: Photography


Kiran Ahluwalia is a child of many nations, having been born in the UK and raised in Tanzania. The artist now lives in Kenya’s capital; Nairobi.

By trade, Kiran is a photographer and a graphic designer, two facets of art that she is passionate about.

She has an amazing eye for the right frame and tries to capture the essence of a moment with each of her photographs. This way, Kiran creates elaborate stories through the lens of her camera, which she then enhances by playing with light, shadows, hues and colours to create the desired effect.

The bright colours that characterize her photographs are reminiscent of the Indian Ocean, and are the same colours which are representative of the positive chakras (in Indian thought-centres of spiritual power).

Kiran’s images have been portrayed on designer scarves & sarongs. They have also been displayed on canvas, created as gift items and as home décor.