Country: Sudan  •   Medium: Mixed Media


Yassir Ali is a Sudanese artist who is currently living in Nairobi in Kenya. He graduated in 1997 from the Fine Art Department of Sudan University for Science and Technology.

His art work is inspired by Nubian culture. He uses the Nubian motifs, colours and atmosphere. Yassir finds solace in colour.  His paintings are intense and full of texture, dotted with patches of vibrant paint on an already bright canvas. Yassir’s work is brimming with colours of blue, red, ochre and orange. He states: ‘These are the colours of the Nubian people and they occupy the subject in my works’.

On why some of his art works are untitled, the artist says “Sometimes I do not like confining my ideas to a subject. My art can speak for itself without me having to interpret it to anyone.”

Since 1998 Yassir has been involved in many projects for Sudanese children, for example Nafage Art Workshop at Abd elKarim Mirghani Cultural Centre (AKMCC), Sudan.  He is also responsible for promoting manual work of displaced and deprived children since 2000 for organization called Children’s Culture of AKMCC.

He is a member of the Almada Art Group Union for Sudanese Artist and a member of Kuona Trust in Nairobi. In 2015, Yassir has participated in various exhibitions, currently his works are shown in the ‘Sudanese Vision’ exhibition at the National Museums of Kenya, alongside countrymen Magdi Adam and Fawaz Elsaid.