Country: Kenya   •   Medium: Mixed Media


Jessica Atieno is both a fine and graphic artist having graduated with a degree in graphic arts from the Technical University of Kenya.

She works in an array of mediums including acrylics, pastels and charcoal to explore themes of feminism, modernity and political justice. These, she says, are close to her heart.

Her execution is mostly in mixed media where Jessica uses the powerful blacks and whites to portray her subjects, once ever so often throwing in a dab of colour to add balance to her graceful artworks.

The artist has also worked on a few installations, one of which was displayed at Kuona Trust’s exhibition ‘Full Frontal’ which featured several abstract nude figures and received rave reviews.

Her works have been exhibited at the Kenya Art Fair, Kuona Trust, British High Commission and the Barclays L’atelier Finalists Exhibition as the artist’s prim and neat style appeals to many.

Jessica is currently based in Nairobi.