Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Acrylics on canvas

For the past four years, Boniface has worked as a self-representative artist. He draws his inspiration from social events in relation to how we react toward them.

Maina uses acrylics as his preferred medium because he feels it lets him put together all the elements and effects he needs in a painting as fast and as fresh as possible.

A look at his works and you will see that Boniface likes to incorporate dream-like features in his work to try and bring out what is on his mind both on a conscious and subconscious level.

Boniface was born in Nanyuki, Kenya, in the year 1987. Art is not only a talent he has had since I was little but also a passion. In 2006-2008, he attended the Y.M.C.A National Training Institute in Nairobi where he attained a Diploma in Art and Design.

2014: Nairobi, National Museum, Room For Giants
2013: Denmark, Glocal Art Gallery
2012: Nairobi, National Museum, Discovered Talents
Nairobi, One Off Gallery
Nairobi, National Museum
2011: Nanyuki, Lily Pond Arts Centre
2011: Nairobi, RAMOMA Art Museum
Nairobi, Café des Arts
2010: Nairobi, Italian Institute of Culture
Nairobi, Alliance Françoise
Nairobi, Manjano Visual Arts Exhibition
2009: Nairobi, Tazama Africa Art Gallery