Country: Ethiopia •   Medium: Acrylics on canvas


Nega Yilma, the founder and proprietor of Nega Art, was born and raised In Ethiopia and has been a household name among those practicing art in the horn of Africa. He has lived in Ethiopia and Kenya for years and is inspired by the colors and scenery of his adopted country.

His career goal has been to take realities into the abstract form, carrying the audience with him into a new way of seeing the things around them. In exhibiting his art work in Kenya, he is looking forward to contributing his own abstract voice to the artistic expression of the country.

As a native of Ethiopia, Mr. Nega’s paintings suggest the spirit of Africa with glowing colors and the frequent use of traditional African character.

He favors the impressionist style of painting and uses what he describes as irregular and impulsive brush strokes. Through this come the enjoyment of showing artistic impression of his paintings and his works depicting African illustration.

Music is another part of his life, like his painting playing instruments and writing forms part of his lavish lyrics. Mr. Nega has been painting since his childhood involving different competitions at national and international level.

Nega says; “All abstract art comes from the realistic world, and the degree of abstraction and the strength of expression comes from what is inside.”

He holds a Bachelor Art Degree in Fine Arts; he has taken part in the International Artist exhibition in Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, South Africa, and France as well as throughout Europe and the USA.