Country: Germany  •   Medium: Photography

Throughout his artistic career Christoph Brandl has experimented with mixed media, among other projects decorating New York’s subway walls with his photo collages in pre-digital times.  After 12 years of living abroad Brandl moved back to his hometown Berlin, Germany, where he photographed unusual places, such as beautiful but deserted factories or mysterious subway shafts. Since 2010 Brandl has been working with the National German Railway Company (Deutsche Bahn), decorating their stations with his original artwork.  

In 2014, Brandl moved to Kenya to explore an unknown subject: Nature. Upon his arrival in Diani Beach, he felt overwhelmed by the sheer grandezza of nature and, after some time, realised what is causing this feeling- not the sea, nor the sky, nor the jungles alone, but the experience of all these elements - simultaneously. “In Limbo” came into existence.

With “In Limbo” Brandl tries to express the elements of sea, land, air - all at the same time. The works he is presenting here consist of different layers. Just like a painter adds layers of colours to a canvas, Brandl, too, lays (digitally) the different photos on top of each other – keeping each element in limbo.

Christoph Brandl holds a degree in Visual Arts from New York University (1992).

Kilimandjaro, Club of Berlin, Berlin, Germany
Traces of time, Palm Art Press Gallery, Berlin, Germany
Hab und gut, Nelson Mandela Schule, Berlin, Germany
Kilimandjaro, Heissing’s Art Gallery, Lübeck, Germany

Jikoni, (Kitchen) Freni & Frizioni, Berlin, Germany
Surface, German embassy, Kingston, Jamaica, six new works for its residence

Hab und gut, Koeppenhaus, Greifswald, Germany
GLAS KUNST, Stilwerk, Berlin, Germany
1. Mai, Cafe Kotti, Berlin, Germany
Me, Selceted photographs and written works 1986-2014, Freni & Frizioni, Berlin, Germany

La Laguna, Freni & Frizioni, Berlin

2012 - present
Photo installations in underground parking lots, many of which have become permanent exhibitions, in: Frankfurt, Ulm, Passau, Gelnhausen, Mainz, Berlin, Köln, Hildesheim, Bonn, Düren, Troisdorf,

Stars and Stripes, Ars Vini, Hamburg

Das Zelt, MaxKarl, Berlin

MoMa, New York City, New York - Prag - Berlin: sale of art book, I co-wrote and published pictures in it from Prague in the early 90s
Howl Gallery, New York - Prag - Berlin: 3 artistic positions
Berlin, Neurotian Gallerie, New York - Prag - Berlin: 3 artistic positions
Prag, Charles University, New York - Prag - Berlin: 3 artistic positions

UrbEXPO 2016, Schlegel-Haus, Bochum, Germany
Contemproray African Art Expo, English Point Marina, Mombasa, Kenya
Fukushima the aftermath, Werkstatt der Kulturen, Berlin

In Limbo, Kenya Art Fair, 2015, Nairobi, Kenya
In Limbo, iHub, Kenya Art Fair, 2015, Nairobi, Kenya
In Limbo, Diani Beach Art Gallery, Diani Beach, Kenya
Schramberg – seen by artists, Schramberg Castle, Germany
Alte Heimat - Neue Heimat, Ruhrbiennale, Duisburg, Germany

and now - Fukushima the Aftermath, Museum: “The story of Berlin”, Germany
Conquering Places, Kunst im Block, Greifswald, Germany

Horch die Flut, Donaupassage, Passau, Germany
PROvocate, Wasserfilter Bruderholz, Basel, Schweiz
Wie ein Senfkorn, Basler Münster, Basel, Schweiz

Unorte, Ars Vini, Hamburg, Germany