Country: Tanzania  •   Medium: Oil and Pastel


Evarist Chikawe’s paintings are based on Tanzania’s rich culture and traditions, trying to preserve these age-old cultural roots. The artist is inspired by strong colours that are normally seen from the dressing of Tanzanians, especially women. He mostly engages in figurative drawings of the human form because he believes that his life revolves around that of other people.

Evarist says that the human figures in his paintings give people an opportunity to easily understand the subjects he wants to portray, as they are easy to relate to from the beholders eye. And although Chikawe’s style keeps on evolving, he keeps true to his chosen subject of figurative drawing.

Insisting that he engages in art for his own gratification, as his paintings bring him a sense of joy as he completes them, Chikawe also states that he sells his work because he believes art is there to be shared.

Evarist was born in Dodoma, Tanzania in 1974. After having spent time painting in his youth, Evarist started exhibiting his works at the age of 23.  Asked about his life as an artist he says: “Art is good and I am happy being an artist.”

Working previously as a designer for companies in Sudan and Egypt, Bahar started exhibition in Khartoum in 1996 and has not looked back since.