Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Oil on canvas


Peter Elungat is one of the most prominent artists in East Africa. He is sometimes described as a reincarnation from the great classical ages.

Peter is a self taught artist, who creates masterpieces that present a common theme: women; romantically, dramatically, exotically, compassionately, billowing hair in flowing robes all painted with an element of fantasy and weightlessness oozing from all canvases he puts his brush on.

Yet, Peter says that he only paints one woman – Angelina.

She is Peter’s alter ego; footloose and fancy-free, cavorting around the canvas in his stead. She is the projection of his inner state rendered in oil on canvas – a fabulous device for exploring the self without the inhibition of self-consciousness.

Back in the day, the Madonna like Angelina floated on canvases, with soft and vulnerable beauty that was independent of the artist. Today, she has become a split entity of the artist – a reflection of his thoughts and critical events in his life.

Peter Elungat was born in 1978 in Teso District, Western Province. The eighth child of a dozen siblings, he was mentored by his older brother. He started painting in the 1990s and joined Kuona Trust in 1997, where he attended many instructional workshops, which remain his only formal training in art.