Country: Ethiopia  •   Medium: Woodcut print/Ink drawings

Ephrem Solomon Tegegn is an Ethiopian artist born in Addis Ababa in 1985. After he finished high school he went on to art school to realise his childhood dream of becoming an artist and graduated with a Diploma in Graphics from Entoto Art school 2009.
Ephrem is inspired by socio-political feelings concerning human and natural life. Sometimes he paints on themes that reflect his personal experiences; things that happened to him in his past and his vision for the future.
Generally, he believes life is composed of two colors: black, and white. What is real and what is not.
Ephrem expresses that he sometimes feels a strong need to create paintings that are unapologetically descriptive of the things that happen in his immediate surroundings: A view of the city, people he knows, familiar hallways and spaces, or elements of nature that appeal to him.
At times his work depicts a different kind of ‘reality’, one that is highly fictitious and free of the limitations of truthfully recording his experiences. Chairs in his work express the past, present and future.

2011: The embassy of the United States of America Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
2010: Group Exhibition 2nd Intern. biennale of painters & sculptors (Croatia)
2009: Group Exhibition at Entoto TVET College
2007: Fine-art workshop Entoto TVET College
2006: Group Exhibition at Nairobi Goethe-institute
2006: Group Exhibition at Nairobi Alliance Francaise
2004: Group Exhibition at Addis Ababa city hall
2002: Group Exhibition at Russian center for science & culture