Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Mixed media

Justus Kyalo was born in 1972 in Nairobi, a setting which has inspired him and formed the foundation for his style. He studied at the Creative Art Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.
Trained as an illustrator, Kyalo has become one of Kenya’s most respected contemporary artists who over the past decade has undertaken a rich visual journey
towards abstraction.
From loose figurative work, largely inspired by movement and dance, he has most
recently painted pure multi-layered colour fields that absorb and envelop the viewer.
His paintings are non-figurative and full of colour and texture and Justus likes to work on several pieces simultaneously. The paintings undergo multiple variations of colour and textural juxtapositions that are reworked until harmonized.
Justus gets his inspiration from the spontaneity of life itself. He lays down colours together, not according to the visual potential but also because of its physical structure. Colour is a representation of both sensation and material.
Kyalo firmly views himself as an artist rather than an 'African artist'. His work is also inspired by a huge variety of media; music, colour, light, movies, landscapes, fashion,
sound, wind and photography.
His work is in many collections including KPMG, Safaricom, Coca cola and World Bank
Washington DC. He has exhibited in Kenya, different parts of Africa the USA and
several countries in Europe including Spain, Germany and England.