Country: Uganda   •   Medium: Oil on canvas


From extremely humble beginnings as a street child to earning a PhD and teaching at the Makerere University, Kizito Maria Kasule of Uganda has made a name for himself as one of Africa’s Premiere artists. He is a graduate of his local Makerere University, and has been professionally involved in the fine arts since obtaining his Bachelor’s in Fine Arts in 1993. In 2003 he obtained a PhD in Fine Arts.

Kizito has been described as the “Picasso of Africa” and his oil paintings are in the homes of many distinguished diplomats, hotel and bank lobbies in Germany, Kenya, Canada, Kampala, South Africa, Entebbe, Denmark and recently Namibia, in the Terra Africa House.

His dedication to the development of the arts has been manifested in the foundation and establishment of Uganda’s first Academy of Art and Design in 2008, the ‘Nagenda International Academy of Art Design’ (NIADD).

NIADD not only includes art history, oil painting, sculpting and textile design in its curriculum but also builds new connections and networks with Universities around East Africa, Africa and internationally. These networks help to facilitate international student and teaching exchange programs. It is an institution that could become the model art academy in Africa, under the visionary stewardship of Mr Kasule.