Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Cut vinyl records


Richard Njogu is a 24 year old artist, raised in Bungoma town. He started painting at an early age but discovered a deeper love for it while in high school, where art was offered as part of the course work.

His four years of artistic practice so far has seen him attempt various techniques. Until recently, almost all of his artworks were in graphite and charcoal. But in early 2015, he started experimenting with different techniques and mediums, including acrylic paints and oil pastels.

So far, Richard has been able to participate in various group exhibitions and has successfully hung a collaborative exhibition, titled ‘’The Untold Exhibition’’ in August 2015.He also participate in a joint exhibition with Clavers Odhiambo in February 2016, titled “The Red Exhibition”

 The artist says he has a deep desire to be creative, which means that he finds himself experimenting a lot with different mediums and techniques. He believes that having a range of original and new ideas and concepts is conducive for growth as an artist.

Various music genres are also a big part of his artistic life, mainly as a source of inspiration. To combine those two factors (art and music), Richard decided to use vinyl records on which he painted various musical icons as a way of celebrating the influence they have had on people all over the world.

Richard is highly intrigued by human figures, especially female forms, where he tries to capture light and shadow, the texture, the form and the shapes of human figures. In his opinion, it is the beauty of light that makes a work realistic. The body language and the emotions also play an important role in the figurative paintings he has done.

Richard holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Project Planning and Management from Moi University, Eldoret.