Country: UK/Kenya  •   Medium: Watercolours

Lesli Bell is a watercolour painter, living on Lamu Island on the Kenyan Coast. The Island’s rich history and unique ambience has had a massive impact on Lesli’s work over the last few years.

“While in Syria a few years ago I had a dream that I was painting on writing or text. Since then I have been collecting old manuscripts, music, and documents that I find in various different countries around the world, and experimenting with painting on them.”

“In the spirit of ‘palimpsests’ I like the added dimension and challenge of painting on texts and different kinds of paper surfaces. I am inspired by the sea and wildlife I see all around me on this beautiful island” Lesli says.

Lesli studied painting and photography at Concordia University in Canada and has spent her life travelling around the world painting the beauty of her various destinations. Lesli exhibits her art in the US, Kenya and Australia.