Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Mixed Media

Longinos Nagila is a working visual artist living in Nairobi, Kenya. His family moved to Kenya’s capital when he was born and it was here that he first worked with other children to make toys with clay soil during the rainy seasons.

His work embodies his interest in socio-economic situations in life, while at the same time trying to provoke thoughts that are driven towards the judgment of these situations.

He considers his paintings as a platform for conversation from within an individual or between two or more people. His main subject is human, with a keen interest in their emotions as expressed in their eyes.

Sometimes he chooses to add protective objects like gas masks torture masks or even blocks out the eyes on the personality depending with their current or former status in the society. These are mostly done using mixed media.

His sources of Inspiration are endless and he is deeply interested in children and women as he sees them both as vessels and sources of life.
Longinos held his first solo exhibition in Lecce Italy in 2009-2010, since then he has continued to exhibit in Italy. In 2012-2013 he was one of the artists who exhibited at the Museo Africano in Verona, Italy together with Kikoko from Togo.
In 2014 he held a first solo exhibition at Shift eye Gallery in Nairobi, Kenya. The artist was born in Busia, Kenya in 1986.