Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Oil on canvas


David Maiden is a young British artist who was brought up in the beautiful scenery of the Lake District National Park in the north of England.

After University, he spent four years in London exhibiting his work in a number of galleries. Two years ago David and his wife Joanna decided to pack up their lives in London and move here to the Kenyan coast in search of inspiration for his new work.

Before moving to Kenya, David used to paint almost exclusively in black and white. This quickly changed once he arrived in Africa. David fell in love with the vibrancy of the bright coastal colours, with the regions rich hues, the variety of landscapes and the versatility of cultures reflected in the human form. All this has now become characteristic for his art.

David initially trained as a photographer before turning his attention to painting almost 10 years ago. Photography has a big influence on his work which is often very photographic in detail.

But unlike in photographs, an untamed edge to David’s work makes it all the more fascinating, where his finishing is mostly sketchy and dreamy.

David paints a wide subject matter but specialises in portraits and scenery with some of his portraits having been commissioned by clients around the world.