Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Mixed Media

Adam Masava is a professional artist based in Mukuru Slum in Nairobi, Kenya.

He is an artist who grew up in a slum and he seeks, through his artwork, to show the positive side of slum life. He uses card board and papers to create 3 D elements which give his work a unique and authentic feel.

Adam also likes to use corrugated iron which he collects from slums. He usually burns the sheets to shed some weight off them, removing any coating, hence helping him to work more freely.

He uses water and acid to create different textures of rust and after all these processes treats the finished piece to prevent further decay by rust.

Adam enjoys painting figures of working men and women on his mabati (corrugated iron sheets) ‘canvas’ which also have a distinctive feel.

The artist likes giving back to the community and society at large and so he set up an art club known as Mukuru art club where he teaches children from Mukuru slum and estates around for free on volunteer basis, a service he has been rendering for the past 7 years.

This has awakened art appreciation in the slums where he works- some of the children he mentors have even won local and international awards in art competitions!

His works have been in a number of solo and group exhibitions in Kenya. Adam has also been fortunate to show his work in Europe in countries such as Germany, Netherlands, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Sweden.