Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Oil on canvas/paper

Moses Nyawanda comes from Kericho district, high in Kenya's famed western tea growing area, where he was born in 1972.

At high school he designed the school’s barge, still in use today. Nyawanda joined the Creative Art Centre (Nairobi) in 1993 for a three year diploma in Fine Arts, after which he worked as a laboratory assistant for he could not afford to go into art as a full time career.  He soon adapted lab tools to his artistic advantage; spatulas for painting, palette knives, scalpels formatting and Petri dishes as palettes.

With a style entirely his own, he soon attracted the attention of art lovers in Nairobi and exhibitions at the British and French embassies followed. Moses attended various sponsored workshops. He learned mainly common techniques but the training equipped the budding artist to make a living with handicrafts, while devoting some time to his desire to experiment with modern art. Moses was drawn mostly to the abstract.

He has since participated in multiple group and solo exhibitions, winning him art prizes. Most of his paintings are done on canvas and his subjects are the people of Kenya. Moses uses gesture and facial expressions to the extreme in abstract almost cubistic form to express his dedication to his subject study. He is today one of Africa's renowned abstract artist. His works are well worth collecting.

“My main interest in art is the use of colour and not subject matter. I at times capture the expressions on people’s faces and daily African lifestyles. My art is quite contemporary and lines and colour feature permanently in my work; this must have come about as a result of experimenting with cubism a few years ago.”