Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Sculpture

In the Kisii tradition, people who have problems communicating are referred to as “…hard as a stone”. Yet, with his sculptures, Mr. Gerard Motondi has been able to vividly communicate through his medium of choice: stone! By depicting themes taken from ordinary life and creatively manipulating the medium to tell a story, Gerard endeavours to record events and to evoke desire. 

Born and brought up in Tabaka village, the home of the famous Kisii soapstone artworks, Gerard learnt stone carving skills through apprenticeship by carving models of fish, birds and wild animals. It was then, that a young talent could be seen that was later nurtured to a truly world class sculptor.  

Mr. Motondi has since then grown from strength to strength and has exhibited his art works worldwide, as well as representing Kenya in several international sculpture symposia in Dubai, Canada, China, Israel, Russia, South Korea, Turkey USA and India.

He has just completed his Masters in Fine Art at Kenyatta University, majoring in Sculpture and Public Art.
His highest achievements were the Gold medal and Olympic torch award at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, as well as being honoured with the Head of State Commendation (HSC) by former Kenyan President H.E. Mwai Kibaki in 2013.


2016: Buddha sculpture, private residence, Mombasa (commissioned via Diani Beach Art Gallery)
2016: Ganesh sculpture, Royal Court Hotel, Mombasa (commissioned via Diani Beach Art Gallery)

2015: 13th World Cultural Art Symposium, Mosan Museum, South Korea
2015: 23rd European Artists International Symposium, Essen, Germany
2015: Monumental sculpture, Gigiri, Nairobi

2014: Changsha international sculpture symposium, Hunan, China
2014: Kenyatta university MA final exhibition, Nairobi Kenya

2013: Award to create Mashujaa Monumental Sculpture, Uhuru Gardens, Nairobi Kenya
2013: APT soapstone exhibition Pershore/Cropthorne, UK

2012: EnglishPoint Marina monumental sculpture Commission -Mombasa Kenya

2011: Diani Beach Art Gallery exhibition, Diani Mombasa, Kenya
2011: African Stones Talk International Sculpture Symposium, Kisii Kenya
2011: Stone Sculpture Symposium, Baroda India

2010: Selected Artworks exhibition, Brookline Library, New Hampshire, USA
2010: 12th Annual Bridges and Connections International Sculpture Symposium, Brookline, NH, USA

2009: Boryeong International Stone Sculpture Symposium, South Korea
2009: 2nd Bergen International Sculpture Symposium, Alberta, Canada
2009: 19th International Sculpture Symposium, Israel

2008: Penza International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Penza, Russia
2008: 3rd Beijing Art Biennale, Beijing, China
2008: GOLD MEDAL AWARD, Olympic Fine Arts 2008,Beijing, China
2008: 4th China Sculpture Arts Exhibition, Shenzhen, China
2008: 6th Huseyi Gezel Mersin International Stone Sculpture Symposium, Mersin, Turkey
2008: 4thEmaar International Art Symposium, Dubai, U.A.E

2007: 13th China Sculpture Forum, Shanghai, China
2007: Pan Sculpture Art Expo, Shanghai, China
2007: Tudela de Duero City Mall Sculpture Contest, Spain
2007: Shenzhen International stone carving Symposium, China

2006: Hui’an International Stone Carving Symposium, China