Country: Uganda  •   Medium: Mixed Media


Born in a family of four children in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, Ibrahim was motivated to start creating art after observing his elder brother who loved illustrating cartoons.

The artist draws most of his inspiration from African children, where he is constantly trying to tell stories that he believes have never been told in a more artistic and attractive way.

The source of the stories vary, but most are memories of his journeys on the streets of Kampala, the schools he has attended and some scenes from everyday life in the African homestead.

Ibrahim’s paintings feature playful, colourful hues that very aptly represent his subjects and the fun in the artwork. He uses them to symbolize vibrancy and energy and employs the impasto technique, which creates and outstanding visual impression.

Through his work, Ibrahim wants to remind us all about children’s rights and challenges many to take up this duty.

Ibrahim holds a bachelors degree in art and design from the Margaret Trowel School of Art and Design, Makerere University.