Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Oil

In the little village of Meru on the slopes of Mount Kenya, a five year old Anne Mwiti made an abstract drawing of a girl. Her father inspected it and modified it. That was her first art lesson and from then on, she has never looked back.

She has slowly but steadily created a name for herself as an abstract artist whose pieces dwell on African thoughts and experiences, brought to life on the canvas by generous amounts of oils.

Anne draws inspiration from numerous sources. This can be seen in her body of works. ‘Looking For The Other Half’ documents the artists’ belief whereby all beings have a relationship with others and are searching for their other half, making them whole.

The artist is also inspired by nature; this can be seen in her work titled ‘The Blue Valley’ which seeks to show the natural beauty of the Aberdare Mountains in Rift Valley, with waterfalls and mixed vegetation bringing both man and nature together in celebration.

When at the National Museums of Kenya, Anne came up with ‘The meditating boy’, a painting she attributes to the oldest bones in human history. She imagined how life would have turned out for the fossil had it matured into a man and put her reflections on canvas.

Anne is currently a lecturer in the Department of Art and Design at Kenyatta University in Nairobi where she is working on her PhD. She has won several commissions; her art has been in exhibitions numerous times and has also been sold to private collectors overseas.

December 2014: ‘World Citizen Artists’ at Belgravia Gallery, London, UK
October 2014: ‘Affordable Art’ at Nairobi Museums of Kenya, Kenya
July 2014: ‘Football’ at Village Market, Nairobi, Kenya
July 2014 ‘Show la Bola’ in Brazil
April 2014: ‘Kizazi’ at Michael Joseph’s Gallery, Nairobi, Kenya
March 2014: ‘Women without Borders’ in DRC Congo