Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Mixed Media


Adrian Nduma has earned his place as one of the promising collectable artists in Kenya as work by the artist sold at a private sale in 2012 for Sh2.2 million.

Nduma attributes his technique to influences from his former career. “Having been in advertising, form is of the essence,” he explains. He has worked with many companies in Kenya developing graphics for their advertising campaigns.

With that background in advertising and graphics Nduma’s composition, form and colour are rather unique.

Colour, beauty and abstraction are Adrian Nduma’s pillars - art for the sake of art. If you’re familiar with Adrian’s work then you know just how playfully he steers his palette.

His trance-inducing style is largely surrealistic and abstract. He also likes to experiment with various media and styles in his paintings.

The former banker holds a degree in fine art from Kenyatta University.
Having focused on full-time painting ten years ago, Nduma’s style is consistently evolving.