Country: Uganda  •   Medium: Acrylic on canvas


Ronnie Ogwang was born in northern Ugandan and his striking pieces have been exhibited in his home country, including at the Afriart Gallery and the Tulifanya Art Gallery in Kampala, as well as internationally, having previously shown at Limuru’s Banana Hill Art Gallery.

Ronnie's work is known as opulent, with brilliant colours, sending a message of love, hope and peace. He currently works as a graphic designer, artist, and photographer.

His paintings are mostly in acrylics and oils, using colour and texture in a very intuitive and precise style. Ogwang paints poetry and grace. He is known for his memorable female representations, which are greatly inspired by his mother.

"I was raised by my mother. I pay special tribute to the unconditional love and support women give to the society they live in. Women are not only mothers, but mentors of society," Ronnie says.

Holding a BA from Makerere University’s Margret Trowel School of Industrial and Fine Arts as well as a diploma in graphics and animation from the Aptech Academy, Ogwang works as a graphic designer, photographer and animator in addition to painting.