Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Oil on canvas


Anthony’s artistic journey is one that he says has been filled with more questions than answers. He delved into the world of fine art immediately after college, but found numerous challenges.
Always looking for ‘a new language of expression’ Anthony took to art because he liked that he could tell his stories the way he wanted to through this medium.
To Okello, art is 10% hard work and 90% open, honest conversation. This is why Anthony finds it very fulfilling to make pieces with the theme of popular stories and beliefs.
In the past few years, he has taken it upon himself to build a body of works around the understanding of African traditional stories and mythology. This has resulted in a series of paintings characterized by a dreamy nature.
Using generous amounts of oil, Anthony’s stories come to life on the canvas as he seeks to tell different stories in his own particular way.
Born in Awendo in 1976, Okello studied graphic design at the Buru Buru Institute of Fine Art. He has exhibited in Kenya and abroad, in France, Uganda and the Netherlands, among other places.