Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Mixed Media


Onyis Martin is an up and coming but very talented artist who has taken an interest in waste materials. He sees the essence in them and uses them creatively in his art.

Onyis uses mixed media in his pieces like khanga paper, polythene bags and recycled tubes. This medium also expresses the daily living experiences of his surroundings.

Onyis’ paintings are flavoured with love; its opposites and its parallels. In them, he breaks down life into love and hate. For him, love and hate live together and one is not just the opposite of the other. He feels that every thing that happens in this world is based on these two emotions!

He paints based on his life experiences, trusting his own inner eye, dipping the brush into his soul, the place where both love and hate reside, to bring out the absolute reality of his own world and anyone who connects with it.

Onyis also makes beads using recycled materials and he commits his time to teach children and youth in the community as a way of making sure that the next generation gains general life skills as artists.

Onyis Martin lives and works in Nairobi.