Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Sculpture


A graduate of Creative Art Centre Nairobi, Maggie Otieno is one of a few female sculptors in Kenya. Her journey through sculpture started in 1996 when she joined Kuona Trust Studio, then based at the National Museums of Kenya.

Maggie has participated in numerous exhibitions both locally and internationally. She won the Award of Best sculptor in a juried competition/exhibition, a joint French-German initiative in partnership with the Department of Culture and Kuona Trust in 2006.

Of her sculptures she says:  “My work is a description of my thoughts. I work in various mediums, more recently a combination of wood and metal.”

“I work in different facets, in series, to repeat, to emphasise, to stress and to exhaust my ideas. I like challenging my material other than letting it challenge me. I instruct it towards my ultimate goal, in order that together the result is neither the expected nor final. I work best in 3 dimensions and experiment on 2 dimensional works as well. My work mainly captures the human form in abstract seeking to immortalise the day to day events around me. “

Maggie’s most recent pieces are titled ‘Conversations’. It is all about talking without meaning, a trend mostly seen in our political and religious arena.