Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Oil/Acrylics on canvas

Sebawali Sio has been painting for 10 years. Her work is a combination of abstract and non-abstract pieces. The subjects of her non-abstract pieces are predominantly women’s faces.
Sebawali is fascinated by the form and structure of female faces and uses different techniques and media to portrait visible emotions on her canvas. She would like to tell the stories of different women through her work and by varying the colours, textures and media, she strives to achieve this.
Starting her new pieces when she finds herself in a ‘zone’ where she experiences a minimum of inhibitions, leaving only a sense of chaos and the inevitability of a new creation, Sebawali sees her pieces as a vision wanting to be put into tangible form.
Her work encompasses diverse styles and motions she has adapted over the years and explores different multimedia experiences. Sebawali uses mixed media when painting. She uses oil paints, and acrylics.
She draws inspiration from her surroundings. The position, versatility, expectations and strength of women in her society are her main points of reference. Her influences include Paul Onditi, a Kenyan painter and Harding Meyer a portrait painter.
Seba holds a Masters of Science in Law and Accounting from the London School of Economics & Political Science.