Country: Uganda  •   Medium: Mixed Media


We tend to become constrained in our heritage and cultural backgrounds, but Collin believes that when culture dictates a lot in our daily livelihoods, we eventually lose our moral values as subjected to the world we live in today.

The artist has learned that various traditions have over time been ignored, dismantling societies and building up new cultures. Many have lost their cultural heritage and assimilated new cultures and others are born in a mixture of cultures hence losing cultural identity.

Collin relays that even though he is born of men and women whose blood is rooted in the reaches of the upper Nile, his work has less to do with his ancestry or cultural heritage. It’s about his surroundings, experiences and emotions. He has focused on change in society because it is rapid and solid. His art is about social conscience and healing.

Raising awareness for issues concerning our breaking societies: from discrimination to segregation, from environmental change to isolation and from disintegration to integration. Through his work, he is developing concepts on the elements that build or destroy our societies.

This message is portrayed in his artwork. Bold strokes in mild hues that are a demonstration of the current social transformation. In Collin’s work, he is stitching together different identities that create a bond for our common values as a people.