Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Acrylics on canvas

Born in a small village on the slopes of the Aberdare Mountains in 1973, Simon Muriithi is a self-taught Kenyan artist of great repute.

As far as he can remember, Simon has thought of art as a great pastime owing greatly to the inspiration he got from his mother, whom he describes as an avid art lover, and also from teachers when he finally got to school.

When Simon was in class one, he won an art award, his first, which further encouraged the prodigy to take this profession very seriously. Little did he know that it would be the first of many, including being voted as one of the twelve most outstanding artists in the Housing Finance visual art exhibition and second prize in a competition organized by the Hotel Intercontinental.

Simon says he did not get any formal art training other than the introductory studies every student goes through, though his interest was nurtured at home where he got art materials from his encouraging mother.

He has gone on to be a professional artist, exhibiting both locally and abroad. His style is abstract and bold, with intricate designs flowing through his acrylics.

Simon is a modest artist, saying of his fortunes: “I am happy that God has given me the talent of art.”