Country: Uganda   •   Medium: Acrylic on canvas


Ssali Yusuf is a Ugandan artist born in 1983 at Kireka, Wakiso district. He studied Industrial & Fine Arts graduating with a BA Degree from Makerere University in Uganda.

Ssali started painting full time in 2003, after he had practiced his skills with different artists in Uganda. His inspiration comes from day to day activities done mainly by African women and cultural goings-on in African societies.

Yusuf uses acrylics on canvas, but once in a while he likes to use bark cloth, a popular medium in his homeland. His paintings are rich in dark hues of royal purple and navy blue, with generous additions of warm shades to create a spectrum of colour that is unmistakably the artist’s signature.

He has exhibited his works at numerous galleries including the Makerere University art gallery, Tulifanya Art Gallery, Afriart Gallery Kamokya, Aid child, Gallery Watatu Nairobi, RAMOMA Museum of Art Nairobi, Evere commune Brussels Belgium, NATTA Art in East Europe, Rue-Dela Madeleine 17 Brussels, Holland Boxmeer, and others.

As a professional artist, Ssali prays that he leaves the earth with a legacy of works and to be known as a world-famous painter.