Country: Kenya  •   Medium: Mixed Media


Mélusine’s art has been shaped and developed by truly international influences throughout her life. Born in Caracas in 1973, she moved to London at an early age.

She was greatly inspired by her Russian grandfather who instilled in her a particular love of the theatre. Her work also took her to Budapest where she designed a set for the Centre for British Culture, Arts and Studies. But Kenya, where she moved with her family in 2004, was to have the greatest influence of all.

Mélusine’s work in Kenya has been varied but always creative, from designing Christmas Crackers, to children’s fashion, to interior design. She since founded AIA, Art in Africa and had her first exhibition, ‘Rain Drops’, at the Purdy Arms, Karen in 2013.

Culture Collection

The inspiration for these paintings came about after years exploring and experiencing many different environments across Kenya, crossing physical and cultural boundaries. From expat life in Karen to CBD, Eastleigh, Rongai, Kisumu and all the way to Turkana!

“My paintings are observations of characters and cultures, intertwined and seen from all angles. Inherently theatrical, they are reflections of many faces, good and bad, comic and tragic, like the dramatic masks themselves.”

Melusine holds a BA Honors Degree in Theatre Design at Central Saint Martins (1993-1995)