Country: Ethiopia  •   Medium: Mixed media/Woodcuts

Born in Ethiopia, Yonas started his artistic journey at a young age and says that science aims to know, while art endeavors to express, a school of thought that he feels is open to all.

As an artist whose style is that of minimalism, where less is more, he says he draws a lot of inspiration from both natural and artificial forms, mostly geometrical in nature.

Yonas uses art as a channel of expression to deal with his inner conflicts, fears and tensions as well as show his audience what he aspires to, hopes for while also highlighting his personal ideals.

As a full time studio artist who uses a range of media, he hopes that his work may reflect his convictions and enforce positive social change.

Yonas was born in 1982 and holds a Graphics Diploma from The Entoto College of Fine Art and Design in Ethiopia.

2012- True flies Sanaa ya Makaratasi (National Museum Nairobi)
2012: African Union Hall (Group)
2011: The Embassy of the United Stats and America A.A (Group)
2009: ENTOTO fine art School College (Group)
2006: The Embassy of the United States and America A.A (computation)
2006: The school of fine art and Computation design (Group)
2002: UNICEK Addis Ababa Museum (Group)