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Responsible for content and administration: DIANI BEACH ART GALLERY Ltd

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80401 Diani Beach


The website is owned and administrated by the DIANI BEACH ART GALLERY LTD (‘the company’ or ‘gallery’) a registered company in Kenya.

Please note that these terms and conditions, and the relevant details set out on this website, govern the relationship between the gallery and you under the total exclusion of any other terms and conditions. No alternations to the terms and conditions may be made by any party unauthorised by the Company.

The art and products featured on this website are owned by the artists, or by the company. For artist- owned pieces the gallery functions as an agent, for gallery owned art the gallery functions as a retailer.


The role of the Company is to sell art, either as an agent to the artist or as a retailer. In doing so, we may use independent suppliers for the provision of selected services (i.e shipping and freight). However we accept responsibility for the proper performance of your contract with us subject to the following conditions.


The Company guarantees to keep all personal information provided gathered in the enquiry and/or sales process as strictly confidential and no personal information will be made available to unconnected third parties, unless obliged to do so by law or legal process.


Please call or email us your inquiries and we will reply promptly to confirm price and availability, in order for you to advise whether you wish to purchase the piece/s.


A deposit of 20% of the total price of the art piece/s you are intending to purchase are necessary to reserve the piece/s for 30 days. Upon receipt of the deposit the Company will forward a confirmation statement.

Your piece will be shipped to you once full payment of art and shipping has been received by the gallery.

Should you wish to not purchase the piece/s after having paid the deposit and notify us of your decision, the deposit will be returned to you.

Overseas payments

Payments from overseas can be made in the following ways:

Bank transfer

If you book from Overseas please transfer deposit and final payment to one of our bank accounts (USD/Euro/KSH) account. Details will be included with the initial invoice.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to pay via credit card if you are overseas due to Kenyan banking legislation and website usability restrictions.

Local payments

Local payments can either be made in cash or credit card or via MPesa (0706 629 655). Bank transfer is also possible. Please note that you will receive your piece/s once full payment has been received by the gallery.


Payments are billed in Kenya Shillings KSH, or the equivalent in Ä Euros or US$ on the exchange rate applied by the GAllery.

The payment of the deposit or any other partial or full payment for any products in the gallery constitutes agreement and consent to all provisions of the terms and conditions as stated here.

Bank charges

Please note all bank charges have to be born by the purchaser.


Prices on this website, if any stated, and in any other communication or advertising method of the Company, were calculated on the basis of known costs at the time of writing. The price of unsold art pieces and products sold at the gallery and on this website may be increased or decreased at any time owing to currency, tax, levy and seasonal fluctuations.

Due to the financial commitments being made by the Company we regret we are not able to make reductions in safari prices should any currency strengthen, as well as no further payment will be required by you should any currency weaken.


The descriptions, information and opinions given by the Company on this website are given in good faith, based on the latest information at the time of publishing.

Although the Company endeavours to provide accurate, up to date and truthful information in any brochure or advertisement of any form, and on this website, neither the Company nor any of its employees, agents and associates make any representations or give any warranties, whether expressly, tacitly or implied, as to the operation of the website, the information, content, materials and products included and available from this website.

The Company, its employees, agents and associates will not be liable for any damage of whatsoever nature arising or resulting from the use of or inability to use this site or the information contained hereon, including but not limited to direct, indirect, incidental, punitive and consequential damage.

For more information about the use of this website please read the Website User Agreement.

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